Friday, April 3, 2015

PTPD: April 3, 2015

We're back again, and we've brought topics:

1. #AskSeaWorldUnlessYouDontLoveSeaWorldUnconditionally
2. Great Grog Grotto Grand...uh, Gropening?
3. Big Hairy Beast at Universal
4. Illuminating
5. Tomorrowlanding


6. "Live" "action" movies
7. Ugh, more Downtown Disney news
8. Pitying the Fools
9. Empty Epcot, the other one
10. #StopAskingSeaWorld

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  1. Just recent found your podcast and listened to a couple of the previous episodes before playing this one last night. The first couple of shows I listened to had a little political opinion/attitude leaking in around the edges but I looked past it. Being a passholder and a DVC owner I appreciate a balanced take on Disney news and I enjoyed the big deal, little deal, no deal bit. However your latest episode steered right into naked political opinion and I don't listen to Disney podcasts to hear that kind crap. For me Disney podcasts are an escape from politics and real world news. Can't say that I'll never listen again but if last nights show is the norm I won't be listen for very long. BTW your Kick Starter/Crowd Funding idea for Disney attractions is beyond brilliant.