Thursday, December 26, 2013

PTPD: December 26, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! Your real present is a day late, but it's here...a new show!

Today Derek and Brian discuss:

  • Tomorrowland Bomb Scare
  • Disney Vacation Account
  • Saving Saving Mr Banks
  • Monorail Resorts sans monorail
  • Tortuga buffet

And play a round of What's the Word about Twitter, SeaWorld's groupon, Disney parade, Diagon teasers, and Apple stores at Downtown Disney.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PTPD: December 17, 2013

Yes, the show's a little early this week, but it's because we were so excited for this one. First, some news:

  • Animal Kingdom goes all Fastpass+ all the time?!
  • Candlelight Processional has longer lines than Maelstrom
  • Villains have children?! And they're in a Disney Channel movie?!!?!
  • Universal raises prices as if they were Disney.
  • Sea World...yikes.
Following that we have something really...special. Derek has prepared a dramatic reading of a brand new theme park version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week Ending December 13, 2013

It's Friday the 13th, which can only mean one thing. This sh*t is getting scary good!

Here are the topics discussed this week:
  • The HUGE* Universal announcement. (*hugeness is in the eye of the beholder)
  • More Indiana Jones movies?
  • PhotoPass becomes Memory Makers (ed: blech)
  • Glenn Beck: Crazy, or crazy like a fox (who is also crazy)
  • SeaWorld can't even book bands 20 years past their prime
Plus a round of Oddsmakers covering:
  • A Frozen Norway pavilion
  • More Starbucks!!!
  • Shamu swimming away...forever?
  • The Stitch excuse
  • The Mickey plane
Make sure to let us know what you think via email, or Twitter: @PTPDShow, @DerekBurgan, and @YesThatBrian

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Week Ending Dec 6, 2013

We're back, and we brought topics!

  • Anonymous "reporting"
  • CityWalk going Jekyll and Hyde on us?
  • Xmas shirts for Groundhog Day
  • Frozen assets
  • 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blackfish, no Shamu
And we finish off with lots 'o complainin' about pet peeves, including:

  • Idiots
  • Morons
  • Breastfeeders
  • Youngin's

Friday, November 22, 2013

Week Ending Nov 22, 2013


  • Cahuenga Out!
  • MyMagic Timeline = shrug
  • Frozen
  • Smoking Mr Banks
  • PolerCoaster
  • Protesting a Balloon

Plus...What's the Word!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Week Ending November 15, 2013

This week Derek and Brian discuss:
  • FastPass+ gets a minus
  • Christmas in Potterland
  • Filming Progress
  • Bloggers...why?
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Magic Bands
  • Trains
  • Thanksgiving
  • Mr Banks

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RETRO PTPD! Episode from the Week Ending October 25, 2013

This might be both our best and worst episode to date. We start normally (well, as normally as we can) with:

  • Fastpass Double Dipping
  • Starbucks Concept Art?
  • Frozen Characters
  • Universal Dining Plan
  • Space Mountain Comic Book??
Then we delve into a fully scripted, fully made-up, fully ridiculous version of the Jingle Cruise, the holiday overlay for the popular attraction. It really is quite fantastic if I do say so myself.

RETRO PTPD! Episode from the Week Ending October 18, 2013

This was one of the best episodes because Derek wasn't there. Brandon Glover from the Universal NOW! podcast filled in as we discussed:

  • Real, honest-to-goodness Avatar news!
  • Animal Kingdom…at night?!?!
  • Lord of the Rings coming to Disney parks?!?!?!?!
  • Glow with the Show.

RETRO PTPD! Episode from the Week Ending September 20, 2013

This was a long, weird episode that was not so current due to Brian traveling to Walt Disney World (and definitely not Universal). It was fun though and involved us making up news...more than normal anyway.

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RETRO PTPD! Episode for the Week Ending September 6, 2013

Continuing our series of reposting old shows and oooh, this week was a good one:
First, this week’s news items as we go Through the Turnstiles and discuss:
  1. Cinderella Castle Villain Projections
  2. New Disney Parks Blog Meet. Was the guest list filtered?
  3. Universal fashion critics…they say no to police shirts
  4. Another Universal ride?
  5. New Epcot construction = better coffee
Then we take our first ever listener question, followed by the Fireworks, with another round of Defend Your Park.

RETRO PTPD! Episode for the Week Ending August 30, 2013

Welcome, welcome...all are welcome!

Since our show was born within the matrix that was the Podcast Network, we have decided to add some of our favorite (i.e. randomly selected) past shows to this feed so that you can sample (i.e. bang your head on a wall as you listen to) our work.

During this episode Derek and Brian discuss:

  • California Grill Menu
  • Disney Parks Blog Meetup Rules
  • Unleash the Villains
  • Tomorrowland…the Movie
  • Jurassic Park Expansion
Then we play a rousing game of Over / Under about:
  • Halloween Horror Nights drunk arrests
  • Avatarland opening year
  • New WDW Attractions
  • Epcot lagoon-side restaurants
  • More Tron movies?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pardon the Pixie Dust: Week Ending November 8, 2013

This is the show from November 8, 2013. I'm using it as a test for the new feed, but you can go ahead and listen again :)

PTPD: Week Ending Nov 8, 2013