Friday, December 6, 2013

Week Ending Dec 6, 2013

We're back, and we brought topics!

  • Anonymous "reporting"
  • CityWalk going Jekyll and Hyde on us?
  • Xmas shirts for Groundhog Day
  • Frozen assets
  • 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blackfish, no Shamu
And we finish off with lots 'o complainin' about pet peeves, including:

  • Idiots
  • Morons
  • Breastfeeders
  • Youngin's

1 comment:

  1. Good Afternoon Gentleman!

    I have four things four you. A question for you to begin: will either of you, separately or together have a meetup over the holidays at either of your respective parks? Brian, you know you want to go to Universal and Derek, grumpy as you are, I know you have a special place in your heart for the World. How 'bout it?

    Secondly, Brian I am sad to hear you say that you don't think Brave will be a classic. My daughter, now 17, feels that Merida is really one of the only female characters she can identify with. She is a girl/woman of her own mind and her story doesn't revolve around a boy/man. My daughter feels an affinity, and it really brought her back to Disney. It gives girls another way to be. I hope it will, and Merida will, remain a strong Disney icon.

    Derek, Derek, Derek (sigh). you knew this was coming. On the issue of breastfeeding - get over yourself. I can build a cogent argument about infant health, woman's rights etc, but you can read those anywhere. But I am not much for spitting in the wind. So I shall sadly shake my head and give you th look from an old wise woman. Just deal with it and if it bugs you - don't look.

    Finally a pronunciation guide. One simply does not say "fanboys." It's fanboi, (fan bü-ē) with the emphasis on the eeeeee sound. The feminine form is fangrrl, where the double rr comes out like a growl. Think about the sound made when a clueless wonder insults Minnie's hair bow and you'll get it.

    That's all for now. I really love the attention and scripting you put forward in the show. Please keep it up!

    - Clarinda