Thursday, May 8, 2014

PTPD: May 8, 2014

Here's what our draft board looks like for today's show:

  1. Jadeveon (Disney Fake Media Are) Clowns-ey
  2. Greg (Delayed Mine Train and FP+ Fail feels like they) Robbed-my-son
  3. Blake Bortles-gin-and-Burke's
  4. Sammy Watkins-through-Gringott's
  5. Khalil Mack-daddy-of-nighttime-shows?

Then, are these prospects SOMETHING or NOTHING?

  1. Jake Matt-whos-excited-for-birds?
  2. Mike Evens-more-characters-on-FP+
  3. Justin-case-you-care-what-the-Poly's-official-name-is Gilbert
  4. Anthony (new) Barr (at the Poly)
  5. Eric Poly lobby...

[And yes, we realize this is the worst rundown ever. Feel free to contact us for a full refund] [But you have to admit it's kind of inventive right? The Barr pick worked out too well]

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